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Discount Plan

How the Discount Plan Works

With the Avesis Discount Vision Plan, members can save significantly on the cost of vision care services and materials. The samples below will provide typical savings based on the average national retail cost for each item listed. Savings realized may vary depending on your choice of frame, lenses, providers, or geographical region. This illustration is not a guarantee of payment.

Avesis guarantees...
the lowest retail price on eyeglasses for 30 days from the date of purchase or the difference will be refunded.

Avesis guarantees...
eyeglass frame and lens quality against manufacturer's defects or flaws in workmanship for one full year or the eyewear will be replaced.

Avesis guarantees...
unrestricted frame and lens selection, including designer, fashion and traditional frames; and prescription or non-prescription sunglasses.

Avesis guarantees...
unlimited eye care and eyewear purchases for enrollees, spouses and dependent children under the age of 25.


The charge to the Participant is 20% less than the provider's documented usual and customary fee with a negotiated cap to ensure that the Participants receive the best price. There are no provisions for discounts on eye examinations performed by non-network providers.


Frame selection from network providers is unlimited. Traditional, fashion and even designer styles are available at discounts according to fixed formulas. Because retail prices for frames may be as much as wholesale plus 300%, the unique Avesis pricing formula represents substantial savings.


Eyeglass lens purchases are unrestricted and unlimited. Network providers guarantee the accurate filling of all prescriptions as written - their own as well as those of providers who are not Participants of the network. Virtually all types of lenses, from traditional glass to space age polycarbonate are available at fixed, discounted fees. Options such as tints, gradients, photogray and UV 400 (filters ultraviolet light) are also available at fixed, discounted fees.

Contact Lenses

Premium contact lenses, comprehensive contact lens care and complete contact lens supplies - from solutions to replacement lenses - are available at fixed, discounted fees. The Avesis contact lens program provides unlimited follow-up care and visits for 12 months after the initial fitting. If, within 45 days, the prognosis for a successful contact lens fitting is unsatisfactory to the patient and the doctor, 50% of the total fees, excluding the examination, will be returned to the patient.

Schedule of Benefits

Benefit Frequency
  In-Network Out-of-Network
Vision Examination Unlimited N/A
Standard Lenses (pair) Unlimited N/A
Frame Unlimited N/A
Contact Lenses Unlimited N/A
Benefit Allowance and Reimbursement
  In-Network Out-of-Network
Vision Examination Save 20% off of the retail fees N/A
Standard Lenses - Single Vision Save 20% off of the retail fees N/A
Standard Lenses - Bifocal Save 20% off of the retail fees N/A
Standard Lenses - Trifocal Save 20% off of the retail fees N/A
Frame Save 20% off of the retail fees N/A
Contact Lenses Save 10% - 20% off of retail fees N/A
Non-Standard Lenses 20% off the providers retail fees N/A
Tints, Scratch Coating, etc. 20% off the providers retail fees N/A



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